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Episode 5 - Hummingdross

In this episode of the Impossible Pitch, meet Michalis Kilaras, an Aeronautical Engineer and the Founder of AeroVortex Mills - a wind technology company based in Cyprus. He is here to raise 200k for his new invention - pioneering hybrid drone which is part helicopter and part airplane.

Episode 4 - Trion

In this episode of the Impossible Pitch meet Angelos Hadjiphilippou - an IT professional with degrees in Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics, and currently advancing his knowledge in Kinetics and ThermoFluids. Angelos is here with Trion - a flexible solar generator - a solution for most of the outdoor recreation. He is here to raise €150,000.

Episode 3 - Hey Oliver

In this episode of the Impossible Pitch meet Nikolas Nikolaides, an MBA graduate and 3 times taekwondo national champion. Nikolas is pitching his startup Hey Oliver - a marketing automation tool that converts online visitors into customers for the investment of 30k to prove the concept. Can he convince the investors?

Episode 2 - LeanStart

On this episode of the impossible pitch meet Loucas Ferekides - at just 18 years of age Loucas is here to pitch his startup idea called LeanStart - startup accelerator for high school students. Loucas was the first to be chosen by our viewers and he will now face the investors with his own Impossible Pitch.

Episode 1 - Twosumm

On this episode of the Impossible Pitch. Meet Louis Silva Marquez - Finance graduate from the University of Cyprus and the founder of Twosumm, an interactive social studying platform for students and professionals. Louis will meet our 4 investors and and he will have 3 minutes to pitch his idea and convince the investors in around 400 words to fund his startup.



A pioneering drone inspired by models of nature, that combines the capabilities and advantages of both an airplane and a helicopter.

Hey Oliver!

A marketing automation tool that makes it easy to convert your online visitors into customers.


A web-based platform where University Students and not only can search and connect with other students at anytime from anywhere in the world and study together via our real time virtual classroom.


All your remote power needs in a backpack. A revolutionary Tri-Axis Angular solar tent design featuring up to 3 flexible solar panels.


LeanStart is the first startup accelerator for high school students


Marios Xenophontos

Information Management Evangelist, Co-founder of Fileminders

Looking to help young entrepreneurs develop their vision into a sustainable business model.

Nearchos Petrides

Finance and Private Equity Investments Expert, Executive Officer of Ellinas Finance Public Company Limited.

Urged to discover and invest in people who strive to make their dreams a reality

Theo Middleton

Investor, Co-founder of Invelopment Partners, Managing Director at DigitalTree e-Publishers.

Always looking to invest in talent and commitment.

Vasso Vasiliou

Marketing Expert, Managing Director at Innovation/Leo Burnett

Constantly evolving and challenging others as well as herself.


Tip #1

Γιάννης Γαβριηλίδης
CEO & Founder of Covve

Tip #2

Αργύρης Αργυρoύ
Co-founder of At Your Service & Foody

Tip #3

Christophoros N. Tzirtzipis
Founder & CEO of Diyful

Tip #4

Simos Kitiris
Founder of Yumbles & Co-founder of PeoplePerHour

Tip #5

Karel Escobar
CEO in Tetuan Valley

Tip #6

Christos Lytras
Partner at Hippocampus.io

Tip #7

Ανδρέας Κουππάρης
CEO of CYBAN (Cyprus Business Angels Network)

Tip #8

Andrew Michael
CEO at AdJelly

Tip #9

Elena Tanou
VP of Topkinisis Travel PLC