Marios Xenophontos

Information Management Evangelist, Co-founder of Fileminders

Looking to help young entrepreneurs develop their vision into a sustainable business model.

Nearchos Petrides

Finance and Private Equity Investments Expert, Executive Officer of Ellinas Finance Public Company Limited.

Urged to discover and invest in people who strive to make their dreams a reality

Theo Middleton

Investor, Co-founder of Invelopment Partners, Managing Director at DigitalTree e-Publishers.

Always looking to invest in talent and commitment.

Vasso Vasiliou

Marketing Expert, Managing Director at Innovation/Leo Burnett

Constantly evolving and challenging others as well as herself.

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Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα. Δεν φοβάμαι τίποτα. Είμαι λέφτερος

- Νίκος Καζαντζάκης

, 1883-1957, Έλληνας συγγραφέας