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We have observed the difficulties some producers have, like selling very cheap their products (exploitation against our farmers).Other producers have amazing products but do not have the tools to promote them. On the other hand consumers seek these products. Authentic, unique, fresh –traditional products.

GenuIN products Cy is a commercial -run business, whose mission is to develop a web platform market that will be promoting locally-sourced products and unique crafts across the Republic of Cyprus. GenuIN is the only company in Cyprus that promotes exclusively local producers products, Through an online platform and promises direct connection between producer and consumer. We aim to enhance the lives of consumers, by providing the channels towards authentic, fresh, unique and traditional products coming directly from local producers and to help the local producers to promote their products and reach a wider market.

We simply provide the tools to enable healthy local economies by encouraging a more friendly and fair base shopping experience for producers and consumers alike by connecting them directly.

Our customers will be local producers. As a Producer we mean every day people, families, small associations or small-medium businesses that produce anything or reform a material to create something new. Both edible and non-edible goods.

We work on subscriptions. 6 months or yearly base subscriptions in 3 different packages.
We have been selected from IDEA, an incubator accelerator working under the auspices of the bank of Cyprus.

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