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“Guardian Angel” is an innovative, unique and state-of-the-art mobile health App, focusing on lifestyle intervention and the improvement of the users’ quality of life.
The users download a friendly App on their mobile phone or tablet and complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Whenever they feel like it, they could update their health/mood profile on the App. The users will have the option to also connect to a wearable device, which will monitor real-time their vital signs and movement. Additionally, the App will have features to “read” the users’ mood and habits, as well as detect any changes in either of the two. The information provided will be sent real time to the Guardian Angel complex intervention platform. Finally, an avatar, the “Guardian Angel”, shall be feeding the users with tailor-made holistic advice in 6 main categories of care: clinical, psychological, social, cognitive, physical and nutritional. In cases of emergency, an alert could be sent to the user’s designated person (e.g. doctor, nurse, parent, caregiver etc.).
Our team consists of experts spanning the fields of ICT, Clinical Care and Business Development. Our product aims to change the way healthcare will be delivered and accessed in the decades to come.
Healthcare costs are increasing dramatically. Lifestyle intervention, which is what Guardian Angel does, could prevent the development of 70% of the chronic diseases, which account for the 80% of the total healthcare cost of the western world. The numbers are huge. For Guardian Angel, sky is the limit! And you could join forces with us in this promising journey!

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