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KYAMOS develops software for scientists and engineers used as a tool to design and optimize engineering systems. KYAMOS software will be a cross-platform supported software written in software language C++.

It will be enhanced with state of the art in-house scientific algorithms, wrapped up in a well-friendly and simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI), that supports ready-made modules for engineers and non-engineers.

KYAMOS provides three unique selling points: (a) real-time, live-insight into multiphysics engineering simulations, (b) ready-made customized modules for non-engineers, and (c) cloud-based solutions. KYAMOS is expected to grow into an engineering software company within five years into the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) sector.

Our target market is Research Institutes, Universities, Research Organizations, Consulting Engineering companies and small, medium and large engineering enterprises. We are targeting advanced technological countries starting from the Middle East (Israel and Arab countries), moving further to Europe and finally to the US, which is the largest market of CAE customers.

The CAE market is currently 6.5 Billion US Dollars, increases at an Annual Growth Rate of 8-10% and is estimated to reach 12.5 Billion by 2025. KYAMOS strategy is to utilize well established existing cross-platform packages (Geometrical, Mesh and Graphical) from the CAE industry which can be used for proprietary software combine with the state of the art in-house software to develop a state of the art software at low cost.

One unique selling proposition is our flexibility in licensing options, the low pricing due to utilization of free standard modules from the industry, the speed and accuracy of the simulations by using the best scientific techniques in the market (Finite Element and Finite Volume), the ability to solve larger problems, faster.

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