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Politica is an innovative multi-segment platform for live reporting, analysis and data visualization.

The recent years has seen immense technology advancement and online tool usage throughout the election periods in major countries like USA and UK. From statistical analysis to electronic voting and real time result projections, media conglomerates invested a lot into taking the campaign experience in a whole different level (BBC, Google, The Guardian etc).

Turning our focus to our local and European political scene, we have yet to see any development equivalent to what the bigger media outlets have offered to their respective countries and then on an international level. Technology can have an amazingly positive impact in various aspects of politics. From better coverage of previous, current and future electoral procedures to in-depth analysis of public opinion as well as data analysis in contrast with election results. Furthermore, there is a clear need of tools that will assist in better reporting, fact checking and faster data visualization and content creation.

Politica.io’s goal is to provide the necessary technology tools to Media Outlets, Polling companies, Universities and Research organizations as well as Political Parties for better coverage and analysis of their political scene while assisting in upcoming electoral procedures on having more engaged and aware citizens.

Politica.io is a multi-segment platform that enables better live reporting and election coverage, political analysis, and data visualization of election results in contrast with other socio economic factors. Additionally, the platform offers tools that assist journalists and reporting in fact checking as well as faster display of their research’s results on a topic. Among others, the Politica suite of tools includes our Analytics Platform, real-time election coverage for websites & TV, election and polling visualizations, Harvie, a data harvesting tool for media agencies along with the Fact Checking Board, developed as the display tool of Harvie to assist in better visualization of the results of the fact-checking search.

Politica.io’s competitive advantage is the fact that media outlets although they operate on the same principle no matter their location, still it is virtually impossible for every outlet to have the capacity to build whatever the market and industry leaders can develop in-house with their multi-dimensional tech teams.

Politica.io enters this market with a license model that ultimately makes access to this kind of tools affordable to various media outlets and organizations. Customization is possible for most of the segments making their user experience unique as if it was developed in-house

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