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SCP Academy is an educational center and our main activity includes educating and training employees and students in highly demand courses from academies such as Microsoft IT Academy, Android ATC, Cisco Academy, and Cybersecurity Academies. With the completion of the aforementioned courses we provide globally recognized certificates to our students. Our educational methods are based on Instructor led training, Online courses, Video Training’s and Virtual labs.We are dedicated in delivering latest technological courses through innovation and new pedagogical methods. Our vision is to create the perfect ecosystem for learning and helping our participants to advance their career.

What we do
Our team professional experts in information technology use their years of experience to minimize the time needed for knowledge transfer. With a plethora of professional certificates and knowledge in their portfolio they are able to meet the current technological demands hence keeping participants updated.

Why we do it
We live in a technological era where there is a great demand for ongoing education. As digital technologies evolve we must keep pace with all new and upgraded versions of the vendor and nonvendor specific knowledge and requirements.

How we do it
We are committed to work with professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of technology in order to support our students to cope with the technological changes by summarizing those changes in our courses.

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